Name Zolgbex
Number IX
Title The Draconic Shadow
Original Name Golbez
Home World ???
Role Villain
Weapon Arcana/Summoning
Element Multiple
Magic Arcana
Abilities Summon Dragons
Limit Breaks Grand Summon
Drives Two: Dragon Form, ShadowDragon Form
Status Alive

Zolgbex is the Nobody of Golbez, and the Number IX of the Midnight Syndicate. His title is "The Draconic Shadow", because he is a master of Dark-elemental magic and can summon dragonic monsters to fight for him.

It is unknown what happened to his brother Cecil.


Details about the loss of Golbez's heart are few and far between. What we can be sure of, however, is that Golbez seemingly opened his heart to Darkness in an effort to save his brother Cecil.

It is unknown who named Zolgbex, but it is known that he, along with Xolduc, and Telmuci'ixa, are the founding members.

Eventually, Zolgbex found the Nobody of an alternate-reality Leon and named him Noxel before inducting him into the Syndicate.

Afterward, Zolgbex's activities have been largely unrecorded, although he appears to be working with Nexko in researching Kingdom Hearts as he seeks a way to destroy it. In this way, he eventually hopes to be reunited with his brother.

Role within the Syndicate

Zolgbex is, among the Syndicate, more of an information-gatherer than anything else. His specialty is infiltration of enemy strongholds and acquisition of sensitive data which can be used against them. On the off chance he is discovered by the enemy, he will often choose to simply destroy the witnesses.

Fighting Style

See Zolgbex/Abilities.

Zolgbex summons Dragons to fight for him, and casts extraordinarily powerful Black Magic and Arcana as well.


  • Zolgbex is one of the only Nobodies who has absolutely no change in appearance from his Other.

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