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Zexion- 358 Days
Name Zexion
Number V
Title Cloaked Schemer
Original Name Ienzo
Home World Hollow Bastion
Role Villain
Weapon Tome of Judgement (Lexicon)
Element Illusion
Magic All
Abilities Cyclone Snatch
Dark Punisher
Limit Breaks Meteor Mirage
Drives None
Status Resurrected

Zexion is a former member of Organization XIII, and a current member of the Midnight Syndicate. He is its number V, and his title is "The Cloaked Schemer".


Pre-Kingdom Hearts

At some point in time, Ienzo, an apprentice to Ansem the Wise, followed Dilan, Aeleus, Braig, Even, and Xehanort into darkness.

Re:Chain of Memories

Zexion, along with Vexen and Lexaeus, attempted to take control over the Hero of Darkness, Riku, in the basement floors of Castle Oblivion. Near the ground floor, Zexion trapped Riku in a light-filled illusion at a facsimile of Destiny Islands. However, Riku tracked Zexion through the illusion by scent, and badly defeated him. Zexion escaped, but was killed by the Riku Replica.


Years later, when forming the Midnight Syndicate, Xolduc instructed Telmuci'ixa to resurrect some members of Organization XIII, Zexion being among them. Zexion was recruited for his vast knowledge of the arcane and his innate ability with Illusion.

Syndicate Master of Arcane Lore

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