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Zeromus (FF IV).png
Origin Final Fantasy IV
Alias Wellspring of Darkness
Type Lunarian
Role Antagonist
Age Unknown
Gender Unknown
Alignment Himself/Hades
Home World Kingdom Hearts
Status Pseudo-Living

Zeromus is the reincarnated form of Zemus, a Lunarian who wanted to conquer the world and replace the humans with the Lunarian race. He is one of several Final Fantasy final bosses that Hades used to conquer the cosmos.

Zeromus is one of six titans sent by Hades to destroy the keyblade wielder Sora and his team, conquer the darkness, rule Organisation XIII and ultimately rule the cosmos under an iron fist.

Zeromus shares the interest to conquer Kingdom Hearts, but quickly begins to deviate and attempts to conquer Kingdom Hearts for himself, unlike the other five titans.



Zeromus first form appears as a demonic entity with razor sharp red teeth, and appears as a giant blue mass of twirling threads with red tips.

In it's true form, it is a large alien type mutant with red vasculature, protruding spikes, and giant blue cores.


Being that Zeromus is the literal incarnation of "hate" from Zemus, this creature is very hateful towards all, and does this via brute force. It has an extremely strong attraction towards Kingdom Hearts, due to being a Lunerian, and plans to release the darkness from Kingdom Hearts with the help of Hades.


  • Lunarians
  • World Conquest
  • Kingdom Hearts (Darkness)
  • Nobodies and Heartless


  • Sora and his affiliates
  • The Human Race
  • Hades
  • Light

Involvement in Kingdom Hearts IV : The Black Box

Zeromus was one of several revived from Hades, after he used the Tapestry of Fate to delve deep into the fabric of the dark multiverse, using his enhanced powers to revive them. He sent Zeromus to invade Twilight Town and cause destruction to force Sora away from Scala Ad Caelum, however Cid manages to find it and prevent it from attacking the town with a light generated barrier from the cities defenses.

The creature would proceed to betray Hades, breaking loose of his curse at Scala Ad Caelum, where it immediately flew to Kingdom Hearts and turned into it's true form. It attempted to release the Lunarians, with the help of the heartless creatures to conquer the world. While Hades escaped, Sora and his group were forced to fight Zeromus, but beat him when they sealed his heart with the keyblade of light. Enraged, Hades sent Zeromus back into the River of Styx where the creature was not seen again.

Powers and Abilities

  • Big Bang : Zeromus uses the power of Kingdom Hearts to create a dark hole of heartless, which inflicts massive damage and saps health back towards him until the reaction command "Reversal" has been used several times.
  • Meteor : Launches fast fireballs at a singular target.
  • Black Hole : Absorbs all positive status ailments from your party, pulls players near it and deals contact damage over time if touched
  • Disrupt : Creates a tremendous earthquake, that creates stunning shockwaves of damage.


  • I am the wellspring of darkness, fed by Zemus's unbridled hate... I am He who is called Zeromus... I am he who knows naught but hate ! - pre-battle quote
  • Rise Lunerians, for I sacrifice Kingdom Hearts ! - Battle Quote
  • The darkness of the moon eclipses the dying light of the human race. - Battle Quote

Musical Themes

The final boss theme of Final Fantasy IV is used, but remixed for KH IV