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Original Name Unknown
Type Nobody
Role Antagonist
Age Early 20's
Home World Unknown
Weapon Multi-use Gauntlets
Attribute Twilight
Status Alive

Zero is the unofficial leader of NOVA and the representative of the Realm of In Between. He prefers to work behind the scenes, instead sending Orebelle to do his dirty work.


Zero is manipulative and cruel, always exploiting any weakness he finds. His intelligence is as great as his power, however he dislikes field work, preferring to pull the strings back in the NOVA Generator. As a Nobody, he lacks emotions of his own, however he can remember shadows of hatred, cruelty, and power lust. These three memories of emotions drive him on his quest of rulership over all the worlds.


Zero wears his platinum white hair in a messy spiked style. This accents his brilliantly purple eyes. Over his torso, Zero wears a long-sleeved black shirt that fits slightly loosely. Gray cargo pants cover his legs, covered with pockets that hold chargers to his Gauntlets. Over Zero's feet are thick boots that the bottoms of his pants are tucked into. Occassionally he will wear a black cloak (not one from Organization XIII) over his shoulders, just as Mortis always does.

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