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About Zari


Radiant Gardens.
Age 14
Keyblade The Lost Blade
Hair Orangish blonde
Eyes Blue, (changescolors though)
Gender Female
Family Princess Orya (sister)


status Alive, on the edge of darkness, Recently been informed of being Princess of Darkness.
Location right now Earth
Best Friend Princess Aliza, Mexama, Rhiannon

Favorite Quotes: "Life is to good to waste alone." "My heart is my strongest weapon" "My friends helped me all the way so give them the credit not me i dont deserve it" "Will I...ever see you again?" "Don't getcha self killed""Blinded by thedark , savedby the light"
Personality: cocky, Sarcastic, funny, Funloving, gets mad easily, has a bad temper, Nice, shy at first.

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