Origin Prologus: Bionic Fantasy
Type Human
Role Supporting Character
Age Mid 20's
Gender Female
Home World Ankoku Nui
Other residences Sorcentra (ancestral homeworld)
Family Julia Heartilly (descendant)
Rinoa Heartilly (descendant)
Status Alive
English Voice TBD
Japanese Voice Wakana Yamazaki

Yuria is a supporting character in Prologus: Bionic Fantasy.

Please note that her resemblance to Mai Shiranui is a placeholder for her final design.



Yuri is a beautiful woman in her mid twenties, with brown hair and green eyes.


Yuria is a bit shy, and wants to first find the courage to stand up an speak out against the Choujintei's ethically dubious approach to ruling Ankoku Nui, before inspiring and encouraging others to do the same. Even after being sexually assaulted by Hario and being more horrified by his abuse of Tsuki, Yuria finally does muster some semblance of courage as she attempts to kill Hairo to protect others from his cruelty, though she fails.


Growing up in Ga-Ao, Yuria lost her boyfriend to the mysterious unidentified plague that has similarly claimed other lives at random, so in their need to console each other, she and her friend Tsuki entered into an intimate relationship with one another.

During Crono and his group's time in Ga-Ao, Yuria and Tsuki invited Zonan to swim with them, and explained to Zonan a bit more about love. Sometime after the trio makes for Ta-Aka, Hairo breaks into Tsuki and Yuria's' home, despite Starlighter's attempts to stop him, and threatens to rape Yuria with Tsuki being forced to watch for as long as either refuses to give him Crono's location. Tsuki pulls Hairo off of Yuria, but he impales her from the back of her stomach. Horrified by this act, Yuria grabs a katana and impales Hairo through the heart, only to learn that his heart is in the right side of his chest, and most of his organs have been replaced with machinery. Hairo prepares to kill her in retaliation for discovering this secret, but Starlighter finally gives him Crono's location, and Hairo storms out of the house to pursue the Matoran, leaving Yuria and Tsuki in anguish over their physical and psychological wounds.


Creation and Development


  • There is also a Yuria in Fist of the North Star, whose name was briefly changed to Julia for the english dub of the 1986 movie.
    • Julia is also the name of Rinoa Heartilly's mother, and this hints at Yuria being a distant ancestor of Julia, and by extension her daughter, as well as serves as a foreshadowing to Rinoa appearing on Ankoku Nui herself.
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