Kana ユーリ (Yūri)
Type Somebody
Role Keyblade Apprentice
Home World Land of Departure
Weapon Keyblade
Attribute Light

Yuri is a Keyblade Apprentice in Kingdom Hearts: Arcana. He serves under Master Nylen and is Flynn's best friend, whom he made his first appearance with in Tales of Vesperia.


Kingdom Hearts: Arcana

Yuri first appears on the day Nathaniel Koroshiya and Flintlass first enter the Land of Departure. Alongside Flynn, they open the doors to the Master's Castle and bring them in front of the Masters in the Throne Room. After Master Xien welcomes the two to the Land of Departure, he asks Flynn to bring them to their new home in the Chaser Settlement. Flynn obliges, waving goodbye to Yuri before leaving with the two new Chasers, as Yuri stays behind to take orders from Master Nylen.


Yuri is a young man with grey eyes and long, dark purple hair that falls down to his chest. Customary for an Apprentice under Nylen, he wears a light blue shirt with dark blue sleeves, with shoulder and arm guards. He wears dark pants, and below his knees he wears knight's greaves with pointed kneecaps. He has a brown belt with a gold buckle. On special occasions, he wears a navy blue cape with a dark red lining, with a cut out shape, making it seem like two parts.


Yuri comes across as sarcastic and cynical, likely due to the way high-ranking Apprentices treated him when he first arrived. He seems to enjoy teasing others. He is an empathic young man who prefers to solve smaller problems from individuals rather than the larger, more political ones. He is not afraid to take difficult matters into his own hands, and throughout his travels comes to decide that taking the law into his own hands is the only way to ensure that the villains of the world are punished.


Yuri Lowell originally appears in Namco Bandai's Tales of Vesperia, as the game's main character. A young man from the imperial capital, Zaphias, Yuri is forced to leave his life in the Lower Quarter behind to pursue the thief who stole the blastia core required for regulating the area's water supply. His pursuit of the thief eventually leads to him being imprisoned in the castle dungeons, and after making his escape he continues his journey with Estelle and his faithful dog Repede for the sake of the common people.

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