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Miyuki Crystalised

Yukina Crystalised or Miyuki Katagiri is the sister of Ayano Katagiri. And is the current Sub Leader of the Vongola Family.


Aftermath of The Holy Blade Order Arc

Yuna Crystalised became the Sub Leader of Vongola Crime Family, However, with the thought of the death of her sister Ayano Katagiri. Angered about this she destroyed the Colombian Cartel. at the thought that they assasinated Ayano. However, She leaves the Vongola and Escapes to San Andreas. After this her fate in San Andreas remains unknown.


Mikyuki looks extremely Similar to Malevolence Crystalised the only Diffrence is that she wears diffrent clothes and has black eyes.


Unlike Ayano, She is very shy and polite. Not much is known about her to the fact that she makes a quick apperance in the Aftermath.

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