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Kana ユウナ("Yūna")
Type Human
Role Ally
Home World Arena of Fantasies
Weapon Tiny Bee
Attribute Light
Status Alive

Yuna is one of several minor characters in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories, originally from Final Fantasy X.


Yuna wears her Gunner Dressphere outfit. She dons a modified halter-neck top with the symbol of the Zanarkand Abes across the chest and a pink hoodie in the back. She also possesses a large pouch resting on her left hip over an ankle-length half-dress-like sash.


  • It's unknown if Yuna can still use her other Dressphere, although she is not seen in battle. However, Wing Blade has stated that she is seen healing Tidus, hinting that she may have her White Mage Dressphere.

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