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Kana ユウナ
Origin Final Fantasy X (2001)
Type Half-human/half-Al Bhed
Role Heroine
Age 19-20
Gender Female
Alignment Toa Luminus
Home World Spira
Family Lord Braska (father, deceased)
Rikku (half-cousin)
Cid (uncle)
Weapon Tiny Bee Pistols
Attribute Light
Status Alive
English Voice Hedy Burress
Japanese Voice Mayuko Aoki

Main Article: Yuna

Yuna was formerly a summoner from Spira, and now christened the Toa Luminus of Justice.


Yuna was grateful to Vakama and Nokama for saving her and Tidus' lives, agreeing to help the Toa find their brothers in return. She develops the same homesickness that Tidus had on their first journey together, but remains focused on helping her new allies save Ankoku Nui for the sake of those who once lived there. Yuna is also highly respectful of the Toa Metru, addressing them as (insert Toa's name here)-dono in the Japanese voice track(ex. Vakama-dono=Sir Vakama).

Role in a possible Final Fantasy X-3

On her journey to defeat Sin once more[1], Yuna and Tidus encounter an angsty young man named Akira, to whom Yuna tries to be a mother figure.


  • Yuna is the only Final Fantasy character in Bionic Fantasy not shown in the same attire as in her game of origin.