Yoshimitsu Roku
Kana 義蜜六
Origin pop'n music
Alias The Prince of Wind
Type Human
Role Protagonist
Age 9
Home World Earth-Tokyo, Japan
Family Yoshimitsu Kuranosuke (father, deceased)

Yoshimitsu Hanako (mother)
Yoshimitsu Yakamo (older brother)
Yoshimitsu Piku (younger brother)

Weapon Stellar Blade (Katana)
Attribute Wind
Status Alive
"Everthing needs to be saved, especially my home...I've already have the element of Wind. It's tells me whatever it's imporant, and I'm gonna try."
—Roku (to Tsukino Waka)

Roku is one of the main characters of Fever Pop. His alter ego is Angel Star (エンジェルスター Enjeru Sutaa?), and was titled as The Prince of Wind (風の王子 Kaze no ouji?). He uses a sky blue-colored Ponny, named as Floaty, and encounters Cloudpuff, a blue-colored rabbit. Roku mainly wields Stellar Blade, a futuristic-inspired katana.


Roku was portrayed as a trustworthy, yet, an optimistic person, but energetic.


Fever Roku!

Roku's surname is "Yoshimiru" incorrectly, instead of "Yoshimitsu". It shows that Roku is an orphan, and flees from Pop'n World.

Fever Pop



Roku takes the form of a 9-year-old boy with salmon pink-colored eyes (in order to avoid the color red) and cerulean hair, that forms into wide splits. On his neck is an indigo scarf and a pair of blue headphones. His attire is consisted of a kimono for males, with a red color, and black highlights, also matches his waist belt. He wears shoes that look like geta, but with blue and black colors.

Fever Roku! (Early Designs)

In this early-drawn comic book, Fever Roku!, Roku's hair is oddly shaped into two tips, and each is on his mane. He is shown wearing a black shirt with yellow sleeves, that match a fire icon with straight eyes. He wears a pair of blue pants and yellow shoes.

On the title page, Roku's hair is strangely curved, and he is seen wearing a shirt, shorts, and shoes; however, the page is uncolored.

Many unknown attires make cameos, such as a pilot, rabbit, ghost, angel, etc. An uncolored superhero costume is unusually shown in the middle of the story, after he falls to a large stuffed bear.

A remake of Fever Roku! shows that Roku's attire is basically identical to the one that the new Roku wears newly in Fever Pop, but almost analogous to this in Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE.

Roku's ego attire is more drastic than his superhero attire, which includes a shirt with a lightning bolt on the center, a sleeveless jacket, shorts, and shoes.

Early Designs

Angel Star



  • Comparisons are found for the two Rokus:
    • In Fever Roku!, Roku's age is 13, as told in the intro; however in Fever Pop, Roku's age is 9, which he is described as a child.
    • Comparing to both, as in the official Pop'n Music series, Roku can be described as an adult, which adult activities are included as dry sake. In Fever Pop, Roku wasn't fond of any alcoholic drinks, but mochi.


Fever Roku!

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