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Symbol of the Corruptions
Name Yomigaeri
Members Aka, Aoiro, Aogoke, Ki, Shihan, Mazenta, Kurocha, Orenji,Kuro, Shiro,Gurē, Momoiro,

Rasārugurīn, Rabendā, Remon,Marūn, Karanseki, Onikisu, Ōkiddo, Kurimuzon, Shirubā, Sekoia, Rōzu, Safaia

Role Antagonist
Story Kingdom Hearts: Renascentia

Yomigaeri (黄泉がえり, Ressurection) is an organization composed of Corruptions whose hearts were strong enough to allow them to maintain their original bodies. The Yomigaeri are the strongest of all Corruptions within the universe and are said to even command over the lesser Corruptions. They are the main antagonist of Kingdom Hearts: Renascentia.


Kingdom Hearts: Renascentia

Inner Workings


There are two classifications of members in the Yomigaeri. A lower ranking member within the organization is known as a Shinka (臣下, Vassal). All Shinka act as the personal servant of a Rīdā (リーダー Leader) and are expected to carry out any orders assigned by their superior. The Rīdā within the organization are ranked in descending order with 12 being the lowest ranking Shuhan and 1 being the highest and the leader of the Yomigaeri.


The outfit of the Yomigaeri is said to be rather bland in color but unique in style. Every member of the Yomigaeri wears a pure white, hoodless colored cloak. The Shinka all bare the symbol of the Corruptions on the chest area of their cloak. Yomigaeri members also wear white masks that conceal their identities. Every mask has markings on it's surfaces. The markings on the mask of every Yomigaeri member is different in some way. The markings on the member's mask normally represent something about that particular member before their inital death and becoming a Corruption.



  • Aka (Shuhan #1, name meaning "red")
  • Aoiro (Shuhan #2, name meaning "blue")
  • Aogoke (Shuhan #3, name meaninb "green moss")
  • Ki (Shuhan #4, name meaning "yellow")
  • Shihan (Shuhan #5, name maning "purple spot")
  • Mazenta (Shuhan #6, name meaning "Magenta")
  • Kurocha (Shuhan #7, name meaning "deep brown")
  • Orenji (Shuhan #8, name meaning "orange")
  • Kuro (Shuhan #9, name menaing "black")
  • Shiro (Shuhan #10, name meaning "white")
  • Gurē (Shuhan #11, name meaning "gray")
  • Momoiro (Shuhan #12, name meaning "pink")


  • Rasārugurīn (Aka's Shinka, name meaning "la salle green")
  • Rabendā (Aoiro's Shinka, name meaning "lavender")
  • Remon (Aogoke's Shinka, name meaning "lemon")
  • Marūn (Ki's Shinka, name meaning "maroon")
  • Karanseki (Shihan's Shinka, name meaning "olivine")
  • Onikisu (Mazenta's Shinka, name meaning "onyx")
  • Ōkiddo (Kurocha's Shinka, name meaning "orchid")
  • Kurimuzon (Orenji's Shinka, name meaning "crimson")
  • Shirubā (Kuro's Shinka, name meaning "silver")
  • Sekoia (Shiro's Shinka, name meaning "redwood")
  • Rōzu (Gurē's Shinka, name meaning "rose")
  • Safaia (Momoiro's Shinka, name meaning "sapphire")


  • The names of the members of the organization are Japanese for various colors.
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