Yen Sid
Master Yensid
Origin Fantasia (1940)
Alias Master Yen Sid
Role Protagonist
Age Over Sixty
Home World Symphony of Sorcery
The Mysterious Tower
Weapon Magic
Status Alive
"Sometimes... even the purest of hearts can crack."
—Yensid to Mickey

Master Yen Sid, from The Mysterious Tower, is a former Keyblade Master, the last remaining Master that can issue the Mark of Mastery Exam, and the former Master of King Mickey as well as the creator of The Wasteland. Master Yen Sid, having witnessed everything that has happened over the last twelve years, is a great help to Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Donald, Goofy and King Mickey on their journey.

Journal Entries

First Entry

Master Yen Sid is the former Master of Mickey and taught the King everything he knows about using the Keyblade; when the Symphony of Sorcery was plunged into Darkness, Master Yen Sid left and has never returned, settling himself, instead, in the Mysterious Tower. King Mickey, despite being well trained and experienced, often comes to Yen Sid for advice and to discuss how things are going in the worlds and Master Yensid is always willing to give his thoughts, opinions and advice.

Second Entry

A good friend of the King's, Master Yen Sid directed Sora, Donald and Goofy on their last quest. At that point, the Heartless were attempting to turn him into a Heartless; he left his tower for a while, but returned and defeated the Heartless, regaining control of his tower. Now, Master Yen Sid offers his advice to Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy, King Mickey, Aqua, Terra and Ventus.

Third Entry

Master Yen Sid knew Master Xehanort along time ago, when Master Xehanort was just a young adult in his twenties. An aspiring Keyblader, Master Xehanort received his tutelage from Master Yen Sid. Master Yen Sid stopped using the Keyblade when he learned of the destruction that his apprentice had caused throughout the worlds. Eventually though, Xehanort calmed down and finished his studying under Master Yen Sid, who began re-using his Keyblade. After Xehanort's training was finished, YenSid put away his Keyblade and has never used it since.

Fourth Entry

Master Yen Sid is The King's Teacher; years ago, he helped the King learn how to wield a Keyblade and was the registrar at the wedding between King Mickey and Queen Minnie. Now, though, he has doffed the mantel of being a Keyblade Master and resides at his tower watching the stars for information to warn King Mickey about; what he has discovered now... is not good news.

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