Yami Dark
Name Yami Dark
Kana 闇ダーク("Yami Dāku")
Original Fanon Darkness and Light
Alias Yami
Type Human
Alignment Good
Age 15
Rival Ulmia Dark
Weapon Dark Illusion
Attribute Darkness
"A boy whose Heart is clouded in Darkness, but who quests to save the Light."

Yami Dark is a character in Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts originating in Darkness and Light. He fights to protect the Light, opposing Sora and the villians he summoned, with Ulmia Dark as his rival.


Yami's attire is very similar to his design from Darkness and Light, however his overshirt is replaced with a windbreaker and he is wearing a pair of fingerless gloves. His first alternate costume is based on his original design, having him wear a red T-shirt with a pair of black jeans and a black trench coat, in addition to turning his hair black. His second alternate costume is a loose fitting black coat with slighty overlong sleeves.



Yami has a slow paced battle style. He has the potential for the highest defense on the side of good and can soak up large amounts of damage, while dealing heavy damage himself. His fighting style can be described as Dark Paladin.

Brave Attacks

Move Type Obtained Description
Ground Default
Yami lashes out with a powerful strike that leads into a short combo if it connects.
Rush (Ground)
Ground Level 5
Rush (Midair)
Aerial Default
Dark Fira (Ground)
Ground Level 14
Dark Fira (Midair)
Aerial Level 20
Ground Default
Aerial Level 29

HP Attacks

Move Type Obtained Description
Heavy Slash
Ground Default
Yami lands a powerful blow on the target.
Dark Firaga (Ground)
Ground Level 8
Yami fires a large fireball infused with Darkness that homes on the enemy. Deals Fire and Dark damage
Dark Firaga (Midair)
Aerial Default
Yami fires a large fireball infused with Darkness that homes on the enemy. Deals Fire and Dark damage.
Ground Level 12
Yami flails around wildly dealing heavy damage to nearby enemies.
Dark Malestrom
Ground Level 24
Yami Jumps in the air before crashing into the opponent several times.
Dark Barrage
Aerial Level 32
Yami throws his sword at the enemy before summoning several copies that he then throws as well.

Brave to Brave Attacks

These are attacks obtained from mastering other attacks.

Move Type Chains from Description

EX Mode



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