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Original Name Roky
Alias The Earthmaster
Type Nobody (formally a Kobold)
Role Antagonist
Home World Unknown
Weapon Flail
Attribute Earth

Xyrok (pronounced Zee-Rock) is the sixth member of The Nothing, the evil organization of Kingdom Hearts: Soul Story. He is one of three members in The Nothing who was never a human.


Before losing his heart, Roky was a small humanoid creature called a kobold. His nobody, Xyrok still maintained this form. He is roughly two feet tall with green skin, yellow hair, pointed ears and a large, round nose. He wears the traditional black coat (in his size of course) and small "Ozzy Osborn"-styled sunglasses on the bridge of his big nose. He is known to have a wide grin when he thinks mischievously.


Xyrok is known to be sly and mischievous, preferring to tease and manipulate his foes to lower their guard. He loses his temper when his size is made fun of (which is often) and is usually intent on "beating the crap out" of anyone who does so. He dosen't get along too well with the other members of The Nothing, except the reptilian fire-user, Salax.

Weapons and Abilities

Xyrok wields a flail, a long chain with a spiked ball at the end. This gives him good close and mid-ranged attacks. Xyrok is also a user of earth magic, allowing him to hurl boulders, create spikes of stone and multiple other things. Despite his small stature, he is incredibly strong and has enough strength to punch through a rock wall.


Xyrok first appeared in Vast Space, at the end of the story. He is seen hiding in the shadows after Aros and friends leave and speaks into a communication device, telling someone that he and another member were now following their "target". At the time, the camera was zoomed in, not revealing his shortness.


In Cutscenes

"Short? SHORT?? I am NOT SHORT!! You're all just too freakin' tall!!!"

"You're the keybearer, huh? This aughta be...interesting."

"...Kick MY butt? can't be serious."


  • In folklore, a Kobold is a small goblin-like creature. It is also said to be one of the Primal Four, spirits that represent the four elements of nature. In this case, Kobolds represent Earth.