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Kana ザイロン
Original Name Olyn
Type Nobody
Home World Radiant Garden
Weapon Flail (Soul Tomb)
Attribute Soul

Xylon, the Visionless Pneuma ( ブラインド霊 Buraindo Rei, lit. the Blind Spiritual) is the Nobody of Olyn, and number V in the rankings. His Soul Tomb flail gives him the abiltiy to crush any enemy's soul.


Olyn, Xylon's somebody, was a young citizen of Radiant Garden. He was best friends with Ilim, Limix's complete being. One day, the duo wandered into the Great Maw, and got attacked by a group of heartless. Ilim fled, leaving Olyn by himself. Xylon was defeated. A few heartless out ran Olyn, and attacked him. Both lost their hearts and turned into Nobodies. Xylon fled to the Ravine Trail, where he received training, while Limix fled to Villian's Vale, where he gained knowledge of the worlds.


Because he is a nobody, he cannot feel emotion. He is usually calm, but he has a short temper. This is shown when he was willing to kill Reid, because his insult. He absolutely hates working, but forces himself to, so he can pass Limix in the ranks.

Fighting Style

Xylon is shown to be extremely strong due to his weapon. He pounds the sphere into the floor, causing ground movements. Since it's a flail, he spins the ball around with the stick to attack. Xylon was high power, defense, and magic, but he suffers in aerial battles.

In his limit, Soul Releaser, he starts by swinging his weapon while all enemy's bodies disappear, revealing their soul. He starts to rapidly attack. His strength is doubled at this time. He ends his limit by pressing his weapon into the ground, releasing all the souls he collected. They attack the enemy souls.


Xylon wields a flail called the Soul Tomb. The handle is is an old wooden stick, connected to some chain. The chain leads to a circular cage, that contains all the living souls he collected. The stick is very lightweight, while the cage weighs a ton. After using his limit, Xylon ventures into the underworld to restock.

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