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"Because his antics had feeling... "
—Lord Kami's Journal, Writ of Exile II

Xotan was the second Disciple to be exiled by Kami. His somebody, before Lord Kami tainted it, was named Aton. Xotan, as far as nobodies go, is very aloof. This was his reason for exile. As far as his weapon of choice, Xotan carries a giant fan that he can transform into a glider. Xotan is the only exile to have his whereabouts known by Lord Kami himself.


Xotan has a great liking to Dragons and their abilities. He shares these powers with them. He controls Fire Magic, Aero Magic, and Summoning Magic. As a person, Xotan is constantly seen flying as he is very pilot-esque. He can control his glider very well. He is also a demolitions expert.

Spells and Specials

Firaga- Fires three balls of fire at the enemy. Homing capability.

Blast Zone- Chucks giant dynomite at enemy for some time. At the end of the "combo" fires blazing Dragon firecracker.

Aeroga- Sucks in nearby enemies then shoots them out.

Tornado- All enemies are sucked in. Debree strikes foe unless they can Dodge. Finally foe is released and sent flying out.

Aero Sweeper- Sends foes into air doing double falling damage.

Fire Raid- Sets fan on fire then throws it around the arena.

Dragon Curse- Enemy is marked with the symbol of fire. For each attack or spell they perform a Roman numeral appers. After some time this does damage depending on the Roman numeral.

Dragon's Breath- Fires multiple Dragon firecrackers at enemy.

Summon Wise Dragon- Summons a serpent-like dragon (Chinese Dragon) that performs Fire Magic.

Summon Warrior Dragon- Summons a biped dragon that claws enemy down.

Summon Bahamut- Summons Bahamut.

Fan Attacks

Trip- Similar to Aero Sweeper minus the extra falling damage. His regular attack.

Glide and Assault- A stunt dodge attack that moves Xotan out of harm then lands abruptly and counterattacks.

Drop Off- Xotan glides around arena and drops dynamite on foe.

Aero Shield- Next projectile attack misses.


Fire Boost

Summon: Mushu

Summon Boost

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