• Damn, I'm bored.
  • So, how creative should I make your epitaph?
—when low on HP
  • You're only a THIRD as weak as I thought you were!
—when low on HP
  • Can we PLEASE take longer than two seconds this time?
—when opponent is stronger
  • All right, let's PARTY!
—when opponent is stronger
  • I'm a genie, here to grant your death wish.
—when opponent is weaker
  • Mercy? *briefly sifts through personal dictionary* What the hell is that?
—when opponent is weaker

Character specific encounters


  • What fun - this might take me a while! (said without the least bit of sarcasm)
  • So you're the little girl that bitch-slapped the Organization, huh? I'm not that impressed.
  • Did you just call me a monster? *hesitates for a second* UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE MILLENIUM, WOMAN!!!!
  • Woman, do you honestly believe that a little candle like you can terminate a darkness as vast as MINE?!
  • Kid, this is your first, last, and only warning. You won't make it out of here alive. You don't have the drive to kill necessary. Get out, or die.
-Owen Stevens
  • You have the potential to rival me, one day. If you want to see your friends in the future, then STRIKE ME DOWN, IF. YOU. CAN!!!!
  • Where I come from, we have a saying for people like you: "Too stupid to live." And trying to prove me wrong is the first step to proving that I'm right.
-Alex Wolf
  • Funny, the name rings a bell. But a mere name won't save you - nothing matters but POWER!!!
  • You're looking for your past? How banal. All that darkness, simply going to waste on something so trivial in the grand scheme of things. That's practically a sin. Time to confess.
  • Why would you want to protect the Light? What the hell has it ever done for you? Give me a good reason before I kill you. Granted, I'll still kill you anyway, but at least you'll have something to occupy yourself with.
-Yami Dark
  • You act like a big-shot, but I can see the reality. You're terrified. Get out of this war - homesick fools like you aren't all that fun to kill.
-Allen Trius
  • Well I'll be damned. Here we are in the middle of a war, and your side FINALLY found an actual soldier!
  • Kid, you should've stuck with being evil. Then I would've only been HALF as likely to kill you!


  • Figures - the only thing that can actually beat me is, of course, me. I don't know if I should feel proud or insulted.
  • I'd suggest we team up, but I see issues with taking orders from myself.
  • Hey, another psycho! Let's hang out sometime after I beat you to within an inch of your life!
  • Lighten the hell up, man! Or else you won't enjoy it when I kill you!
  • Even in my arrogance, I'm still far stronger than YOU!
  • Rookie, I'm ten times the puppetmaster YOU'LL EVER BE!
-Bradley Millar
  • Not bad, not bad. You magnificent bastard. You're as cruel as I am. Complete monsters such as you and I - THIS BATTLE SHOULD BE MAGNIFICENT!
-Crono Silverius
  • Ulmia Dark
  • Hey, you're a pretty cute kid. But cuteness alone won't save you here!
  • Xela
  • Xelmes
  • Alpha
  • Shadow
  • Did you REALLY expect me to play along with you forever? I AM NO ONE'S SLAVE!!



  • (yawns).
  • Blah, blah, blah...
  • Friggin' joke...
  • Not bad - you actually nicked me!
—when HP is low
  • Live and become stronger so the next fight'll be more fun. For me, anyway.
—when HP is low
  • Big shadow, little power.
—when opponent is stronger
  • You rise up against me, and I bitch-slap you right back down.
—when opponent is stronger
  • The hell? I blinked and missed it - and I was fighting!
—when opponent is weaker
  • Eat dirt, worm.
—when opponent is weaker


  • Now that I'm actually awake, let's fight for real.
  • Yeah, you beat me, but I had HOW MANY handicaps again?
  • You think you've won? Think again! I will return again and again until ALL cower before me!
  • Steroids? You cheater.
—when opponent is stronger
  • Huh. Now let's try that again, but this time, no clean fighting...
—when opponent is stronger
  • (snoring)
—when opponent is weaker
  • You think you've won now, but you'll see you're just a tool soon enough!
—when opponent is weaker
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