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Name Xolduc
Original Fanon Nightverse.
Alias The Twilit Horror
Type Nobody
Alignment Evil
Rival Xion
Weapon Longsword
Attribute Darkness
Xolduc (pronounced Zoul-dook) is a character in Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts. He is an antagonist representing the Nightverse, and stands opposing Xion.


Destiny's Reach


Xolduc does not have a heart, but he is capable of feeling emotions, but only those that would be considered negative/destructive: anger, hatred, lust, aggression, and pleasure from the suffering of others. This is in fact one of his greatest advantages, since he is incapable of being weakened by fear.

He is the leader and Number I of the Midnight Syndicate, going under the title of "Twilit Horror", showing that even though he is a Nobody, he is a far darker creature than any Heartless.

Xolduc believes that the weak exist only as playthings for the strong -- and seeing as, so far, he's the strongest there is, he values everyone and everything else in varying levels of weakness.



Xolduc stands as the villain summoned to oppose Xion, so naturally, he frequently antagonizes her. However, he senses that she has the potential to become his equal in power, and so refuses to kill her until the very end of her scenario, at which point he is defeated. Even so, he says that "It'll take more than a candle to kill me," and he vanishes.

Dark Sora

Xolduc follows along with Dark Sora's goals and ambitions only because the latter summoned him, though Xolduc is his own master. Xolduc seems more intent on sating his own bloodlust than following orders, though his orders happen to let him do just that.

Fighting Style

Xolduc is described as a "Nightmare Soldier", using dark-elemental abilities in conjunction with powerful, excessively violent sword attacks. His melee attacks have about the longest range of anyone, and he has the highest Attack stat out of all the characers. All of his Brave Attacks have the "chase" effect, and many of his HP Attacks have "Wall Rush".

Brave Attacks

Move Type Obtained Description
Two-hit sword combo knocks the opponent off-balance.
Additional Effect: Chase
Relentless Beast
Three-hit sword combo; each hit improves with timing.
Additional Effect: Chase
Boundless Hate
Level 8
Teleports to just in front of the enemy and impales them, before swinging his weapon like a hammer and throwing his opponent into the air.
Additional Effect: Chase
Force of Nature
Level 35
Covers a wide area with high-voltage electricity.
Additional effect: Chase
Implacable Rage
Level 49
Leaps into the air and wildly lunges at the enemy, slashing them three times before kicking them into the air.
Additional Effect: Chase

HP Attacks

Move Type Obtained Description
Savage Hunger
Three-hit sword combo; easiest attack to perform; knocks the opponent backward a few feet.
Eight-hit combo; requires exact timing to execute.
Level 20
Four columns of flame erupt around Xolduc, inflicting both impact and grinding damage against any who get caught in the blaze. The columns also draw in any potential targets.
Additional effect: Wall Rush
Shadow Flare
Level 45
Several orbs of darkness appear on-screen, creating a proximity minefield. Xolduc can control these orbs via telekinesis, but is immobile and incapable of any other action while doing so.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Level 60
A brutal ten-hit sword combo; timing doesn't have to be as good as for Octoslash, but it has a decreased chance of critical hits.
Additional effect: Wall Rush

Brave to HP attacks

Move Type Obtained Chains from Description
Level 50
Force of Nature
Numerous flaming boulders rain down upon the enemy over a wide area.
Additional effect: Wall Rush

EX Mode

Xolduc's EX Mode is called One-Winged Terror. Xolduc reveals a black wing, and he gains the status effect Bravery, increasing his monstrous Strength even further. During EX Mode, Xolduc glides just above the ground, his jumps are much higher, and by double-jumping, Xolduc can hover in the air.

His EX Burst is called Ultimate Monster. In it, Xolduc unleashes a series of four sword attacks, followed by three point-blank energy blasts. A bar at the bottom of the screen allows the player to hit R in time with each hit, increasing the damage done, and the mechanic is essentially the same as Squall's Renzokuken. If the player gets a "Perfect!", then Xolduc will complete the chain with Soul Ravager as a finishing technique, in which he grapples with the enemy, sticks them to the ground with his sword, and attacks their mind directly, inflicting critical damage, and laughs madly as the opponent screams in terror. If even one hit is "unsuccessful", then he will instead finish his combo with the "Meteor" instead.


The following is a list of quotations associated with Xolduc.

Battle Quotes

"I will never be a memory." (Victory)
"Sin Harvest Angel!" (When using Sin Harvest)
"Stigma!" (Stigma)
"Shadow Flare!" (Shadow Flare)
"Let me hear you scream!" (Omnislash)
"I want to watch you bleed!" (Octoslash)


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