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Xirunk, is the Fursona of Puppy1.


Xirunk, works for Organization XIII as there true fourteenth member (Xion usually doesn't count...). He was found at his current age 11, and is six weeks old in the organization. He rarely forms any sentences despite the ability to, he simply wishes not to be seen or to say anything. He sneaks out after curfew to go and watch the stars and clouds. when not at work he will wonder, eating sea-salt ice cream. he rarely sleeps, preferring to stare at the wall thinking. he is partially friends with Roxas, eating ice cream with him on occasions. He goes on solo missions allot (which he likes). but when he can't be solo he prefers Roxas, Axel, or Zexion to come with him. his most prominent missions so far are; deafeating rare types of heartless, sampling a lesser type of nobody, and spying on Sora/Aria (once).


Xirunk has the personality of Puppy1. although he is a nobody, he has displayed some emotions, including;

  • laughing
  • crying
  • fear (of Larxene)
  • pain
  • and
  • enjoyment

Overall, he is pretty shy. he prefers not to be seen, as seen by shadowing his face under his coat. he has a fear of Larxene which is shown when she tried teaching him, sitting next to him, and saying anything to him. thats why she enjoys toying with him. he hardly laughs and when you do see his face, a frown is spread across him.


He can, like many others, go through dark corridors. he has control over Darkness. his necklace allows him to go through dimensions and throw small dimensional portals. despite all else, he can wield the keyblade to a degree.


His role in the organization is to collect samples of creature to bring back for them to study, he also works espionage. that is his main job, espionage, spying on enemies and heartless, waiting for attack.


He usually wears the normal black coat of the organization. his hair is somewhat like Roxas', but more tame. his gloves are also fingerless, despite the rules. he wears a small necklace that has a dark tooth on it, beads of darkness, and metal shackles on it. he has yellow eyes and never smiles.



  • Roxas (I suppose....)
  • Axel (partly)
  • Zexion (partly)


  • nearly everyone at the Organization


  • Larxene


  • the necklace is based off of pups own Giratina (pokemon) tooth necklace.
  • the fear of Larxene is a refernece to puppy's own fear of Larxene. (she's creepy, K?)
  • his original name was Rinku. that is the normal fursona name for most of pup's fursona characters.
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