• Out of the way!
  • Don't hold back!
  • I'll never give up!
—when low on HP
  • I... will... live!
—when low on HP
  • Oh crap...
—when opponent is stronger
  • I have a very bad feeling about this...
—when opponent is stronger
  • C'mon, use your head!
—when opponent is weaker
  • Move it, unless you wanna get hurt!
—when opponent is weaker

Character specific encounters


  • You're like me...? That's what they all say... (sounds depressed/sarcastic)
  • Does this count as suicide?
  • Out of everyone on this side of the coin, you're among the only people I might consider friends. Please, stand down, Owen. I don't want to fight you, but I will not lose.
-Owen Stevens
  • I don't want to hurt you, but you're not giving me a lot of choice!
  • Hey! Tall, dark, and emo! Outta my way!
  • You're a nice guy, but don't think that means I'll go easy on you!
-Alex Wolf
  • You're the guy who wants his memories back, right? Consider yourself lucky - some of us have pasts we'd pay dearly to forget.
  • Using dark to protect light, huh? Heart THAT one before, but you sound sincere. Let's see just how light-spirited you are!
-Yami Dark
  • You want to go home, don't you? THEN JUST GO ALREADY! Nobody needs an irresponsible hothead like you anyway!
-Allen Trius
  • Just can't wait to butt heads, can you? All right then, let's see who's the better fighter!
  • You still have faith in him, even after what he's become? Is it some sort of sick joke?! Then please, EXPLAIN IT TO ME!! (nearly on the verge of a nervous breakdown)


  • I can't believe what you've become. I AM NOT YOU, NOT ONE BIT!!!!!
  • (horrified) You... you... You monster.... I almost pity you.
  • I may have been just a candle before, but now you're up against a bonfire!
  • You... you're actually serious, aren't you? I can feel it... Your pain is like mine...


In Battle

  • I! WANT! THROUGH! (Gae Bolg combo)
  • Guardian Angel! (Seraphic Guard)
  • Hey, didja check the Weather Channel? There's a hailstorm on the way... (Hail of Light)
  • Xion here, to brighten your day! (Lens Flare)
  • Play with the Light, and you're gonna get burned! (Divine Flame)
  • You won't break me! (Heaven's Breakthrough)
  • Got Light? (Sacred Aura)
  • Event Horizon! (Event Horizon)
  • Magic Hour! (Magic Hour)
  • I've had enough out of you! (Entering EX Mode)
  • To avenge the innocent! (Shift to Avenger Mode)
  • To champion the just! (Shift to Paragon Mode)
  • Nothin' like the classics! (Shift to Normal Mode)


  • You all right?
  • I did warn you, you know.
  • C'mon, get up! I didn't beat you that badly...
  • Whew! That was a close one!
—when HP is low
  • Looks like I still have a lot of praciticing to do...
—when HP is low
  • Okay, this could be a problem...
—when opponent is stronger
  • You sure talk tough, but can you back it up?
—when opponent is stronger
  • C'mon, let's get you patched up.
—when opponent is weaker
  • Next time, look before you leap.
—when opponent is weaker


  • Ugh, my aching head...
  • Ow... Did anyone catch the license plate on that bus?
  • Jeez, that was a little rough, even for you.
  • Note to self: next time, I need to look before leaping.
—when opponent is stronger
  • Looks like I have a new standard, doesn't it?
—when opponent is stronger
  • That... makes no sense at all.
—when opponent is weaker
  • You fight dirty, jerk.
—when opponent is weaker
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