Original Name No. i
Alias The Key of Destiny
Type Replica
Role Protagonist
Age Unknown
Home World The World That Never Was
Family Roxas, Sora
Weapon Keyblade
Attribute Light
Status Alive

Xion is one of the main characters of Kingdom Hearts II: Broken Destiny. She only appears as herself in the prolouge, after which she appears as Sora.


Xion looks almost identical to Kairi, with the exception that her hair is black and her bangs are different. She seems to be around 5 feet tall and wears the standard Organization XIII black coat.


Similarly to her appearance, Xion's personality seems to be based on Kairi's, meaning that she is caring and kind.



Xion's backstory is the exact same as in the games up until the point she and Roxas fight. Roxas fails to defeat her and is absorbed, causing her to transform into a perfect replica of Sora, the process causing all of her memories to be erased.

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