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Original Name Braig
Alias The Freeshooter
Type Nobody
Role Antagonist
Age Unknown; assumedly 40
Home World The World That Never Was
Family None
Weapon Arrowguns
Attribute Space
Status Deceased

Xigbar is an antagonist working with Xemnas inside Organization XIII in Kingdom Hearts: For True Story.

Kingdom Hearts: For True Story Plot Significance


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  • When fighting alongside Aqua to stop Namine, Aqua reminds Xigbar of their fight at the Keyblade Graveyard in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep in the way that she alludes she will defeat Xigbar next after Vanitas and Namine are stopped.
  • Xigbar's apparent protection of Aqua in his death scene is truly unknown, although it could be because Aqua had more power and Xigbar couldn't fight for much longer.
  • Xigbar's final words to Aqua mirrored his final words to Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy when he died in Kingdom Hearts II.

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