Kana クシアンリアン
Original Name Ai Ni-Lan
Alias The Prideful Multiplicit
Type Nobody
Role Void Federation
Age 22
Weapon Glaive
Attribute Duplication

Xianlian (pronunced Shen Lee-an) is a character from Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence. She is the founding member of the Void Federation, ranked Number One.



Xianlian is a woman of average height, with long, straight cut black hair. She posseses Oriental features, and most strikingly, glowing red eyes and curved yellowish horns sprouting from her head. She is dressed simply in a red robe adorned with a thick black sash across the waist.


Unlike the most of the rest of the Void Federation, Xianlian is anything but laid-back. The Federation was her dream, her ongoing vision, and she works tirelessly to maintain it. Fierce and stern, she holds a large intimidation factor which allows for her to command the total respect of her fellow Nobodies. She can be absolutely terrifying if you get on her bad side. Still, she is a fair and objective leader who leads with her mind rather than her heart (a manner of speech, she of course does not have one). On the down side, due to her position she is very stressed and has a hard time relaxing.


  • Xianlian's reflected real-world nationality is Chinese.

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