Xiahou Ba
Kana 夏侯覇 かこう は
Origin Dynasty Warriors
Type Somebody
Role Protagonist
Home World China (birthplace)
Disney Castle 9homebase)
Family Xiahou Yuan (father)

Xiahou Dun (uncle)

Weapon great sword
Status alive
Xiahou Ba is the son of Xiahou Yuan and a member of the Wei army like he and his uncle Xiahou Dun are.


Xiahou Ba is woken up from his sleep by Dian Wei for a big mission. Just when Ba thinks it's a fishing time, his father Yuan tells him it could be serious. With his helmet and his sword, he tends to party with women more. One time, Xiahou Ba oftens steps himself into danger.


  • Father, is there a fishing trip for us? I would love to bring a grouper home for snack on.
  • Sure, let's go ruin someone else's life Marian.
  • So much for the foolproof Trautman plan Rambo. (Xiahou Ba upon seeing that Rambo has failed to save Trautman)
  • Aim the wrong way father, and we're surely going to be dinner for Morgana and her minions.

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