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Xia (zi-ya) is a keyblade weilder and a resident of Twilight.


This 17 year old nobody (who has a heart)has been through alot of things in her past, but she never seemed to show it. She says "Life goes on!"

Xia had awoken in the middle of an ghostly street in Twilight Town and haven't had a clue were she was. Her body was in a painful trans that wouldn't go away. She slowly got up and tried to walk the pain off. She wanted to explore the town and thats just what she did. At first when she started walking she was stumbling but as she went on she was okay. On and on she wondered, lostly in the streets she was found by a young man named Sho. Sho took good care of Xia and soon they were like a family. But little did they know that their time together was limted. One day they took a walk out in a forest. God knows what they were doing in there, but they were attacked by nobodies! Xia was strong but she didn't know how strong she was yet. Sho did all he could to safe her and ended up costing he's life. Xia wept and wept for the lost of her friend. A few years later Xia met Ricki Tan and soon they became friends.


Xia has the appearance of a ninja. Xia's skin is soft peach and her eyes are a dark purple. She has long voliet hair and a pink head- band. A black middle lenght tube top with a pink X on the whole shirt and a pink chest lenght jacket on top with black trims of the pockets and hood. Black shorts and black and pink shoes.


Xia has a sweet personality. She is mostly quite when there is no need for talking and when she does talk her sentences are 1-5 words. She charms almost everyone she meets and has a weak spot for SEA-SALT ICE CREAM! 


Before Battle-

  • "Get Ready!"
  • "Bring it on!"
  • "I'm in a hurry"
  • "I have no time for this!"

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