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Name Xertra
Number X
Title Mistress of Madness
Original Name Terra Branford
Home World ???
Role Villain
Weapon Anarchy (rapier)
Element Dark
Magic Dark
Limit Breaks Riot Blade
Drives Esper Form
Status Alive

Xertra is the Nobody of Terra Branford, and is a member of the Midnight Syndicate. She is its Number X, and goes under the title of "The Mistress of Madness".


The tale of Xertra, previously known as Terra Branford, is somewhat long, and incredibly confusing if the reader isn't prepared to accept a few contrivances of the plot.

Final Fantasy VI

Joining the Midnight Syndicate


Xertra is crude, openly perverted, and extremely aroused roughly 95% percent of the time, and usually attempts to seduce and bed her opponents before killing them -- although as she once said, "If they're really good, then I'm going to let 'em live to screw another day -- and hopefully, me."

Her theme song is "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" while her battle theme is "Cat Scratch Fever". Her boss theme, however, is "Creeping Death".



Fire, Fira, Firaga
Thunder, Thundara, Thundaga
Shadow Flare


  • Finishing Plus

AP Cost: 3
Description: allows two finishers at the end of the combo.

  • MP Rage (x2)

AP Cost: 2 each, total of 4
Description: recovers MP when damage is sustained. Equip more to boost effect.

  • Fire Boost

AP Cost: 3
Description: increases the damage of Fire-based powers and attacks.

  • Thunder Boost

AP Cost: 4
Description: increases the damage of all Thunder-based powers and attacks.

  • MP Hastega

AP Cost: 4
Description: greatly increases the speed at which MP Charge is completed.

  • Scan

AP Cost: 1
Description: enables the user to see their opponent’s HP.

  • Second Chance

AP Cost: 4
Description: guarantees at least one HP remaining after a combo.

  • Draw

AP Cost: 3 Description: draws in munny, HP orbs, and MP orbs.


  • Retaliating Slash

AP Cost: 3
Description: when off-balance in the air, regain balance and counterattack the opponent.

Riot Blade

MP Cost: all, MP Charge 1.5x duration afterwards. Description: Xertra attacks with numerous energy crescents inflicting Dark-elemental damage. Each crescent deals between 5 and 20 damage depending on the target’s defense, and the finisher is another blade at five times the power.



"You ready to die?" (Just before using Esper Form)

"What a joke." (Victory)

"What are you made of?" (General loss)


Nexko: "Get the hell out of my way, you arrogant, idiotic, self-centered, immature, power-hungry, lying, reckless, treasonous, cheap and filthy whore!"
Xertra: "I'm not an idiotic whore, you asshole."

Esper Form

Xertra turns into her Esper Form, a fiery purple cat creature. In this form, all of Xertra’s physical attacks inflict twice as much damage as usual, and fire attacks are much more powerful as well. Xertra also has increased resistance to injury for the duration. However, she can only hold it for 30 seconds at best, and will be unable to move for twelve seconds after reverting. In addition, during Esper Form, Xertra goes completely berserk, unable to strategize.

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