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Kana ゼルメス (Zerumesu))
Type Nobody
Role Main Antagonist
Home World Unknown
Weapon Dark Spheres
Attribute Darkness / Nothingness
Status Alive
"Fool. The more closer you are to the light, the more greater your shadow becomes."

Xelmes is one of the main antagonists of Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories. He is No. I and leader of the Shadow VIII. He is the nobody of Emles.


Xelmes, being in the shadows, found many secrets about the Keyblade, the Keyblade War and the Door to Kingdom Hearts. In the reports he read, he found out that Kingdom Hearts can give Nobodies new hearts and become whole. But the only thing that can open it is with the Keyblade. So he sought out to many worlds to find a Keyblade Wielder.


Xelmes wears a Black Coat. He has white hair which is like the combination of Terra's and Xehanort's hairstyle. He has a pale skin and yellow eyes. He is somehow identical to Sephiroth.

Other Appearances

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When Sora is corrupted by an ancient darkness, and begins attacking the worlds, seeking to control them, Riku looks into his heart and finds a special light. The light summons ten heroes in order to stop Sora, and, as a counter-offense, Sora summons ten villains. Xelmes is one of the warriors of darkness and the villain representing Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories, having Suné as the light he blocks with darkness.

Xelmes' default attire is based on Sephiroth's default attire in Dissidia. Wearing a black coat with silver pauldrons and the Organization XIII black boots. He wears two straps above his coat and a belt similar to that of a SOLDIER uniform, only without the Shinra insignia. Strips of blue cloths hangs on each of Xelmes' pauldrons. His black coat also bears a Nobody sigil. His weapon is a blue orb which can turn into a blue version of Xemnas' Interdiction.

Battle Style

Xelmes is a strong nobody that can shoot thorn-like projectiles and beams of darkness from the two spheres he holds. He can combine his spheres to fire more powerful projectiles at the enemy. He can also summons a dark hand, that resembles Terra's Dark Impulse, and transform his sphere into a blue Interdiction, Xemnas's only weapon.