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Name Xela
Original Fanon Kingdom Hearts The Data Book
Type Being of Alex
Alignment Evil
Rival Alex Wolf
Attribute Darkness
"The Darkness of Alex, Xela is not quite what she seems, She changes form to end fights very fast when needed."

Xela is a character in Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts originating in Kingdom Hearts The Data Book. She fights on the side of Dark Sora and the villains he summoned to counter the Heroes of Light, serving as Alex Wolf's opposition.


Xela wears a light Black coat with a hood that she wears down. She also wears the pendant of the Wolf family around her neck which has the wolf head on it. Her alternate costume consists of a dark Black Shirt, Grey pants and a black wolf pendant. Xela's Shade Fabricated Girl is Black with Grey.



Hp Attacks

Move Type Obtained Description
Rock Crusher
Ground Default
Xela Slams her sword into the ground, causing rocks to rush up from the floor smacking into her enemies then Crushing the rock and them for HP damage.
Additional Effect: Stun
Air Slammer
Aerial Level 10
Xela flies to the opponent and combo Slams them for HP damage.
Dark Fireballs
Aerial Level 20
Xela fires 5 Dark Fireballs into the opponent and slams them for HP damage.


EX Mode


Xela/Destiny's Reach/Quotes

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