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Chibi Xela.png
Original Name Alex Wolf
Type Dark half of Alex
Role Enemy
Age 15
Home World Reverse World
Weapon Darkness
Attribute Darkness
Status Alive


Xela had been withen Alex. Since the other beaings had left Alex. Xela was first seen when Alex looked inside himself seeing Xela running around and escapeing later. Xela was born in the Reverse world when Alex got stabbed by Death.

Final Battle

Xela has Alex come to her and fight but Xela didn't know that Amelia went with Alex. Ameila goes with Alex to help beat Xela but is beat when she takes the hit for Alex when Xela fires a Dark Fire. And she fades away asking Alex not to be sad for what happen but to be happy that he got to know her. Xela now tries to attack Alex but he pins her down and gets ready to kill her when he sees a girl near the cliff and then she fades. Xela and Alex hugs, Xela saying that she was sorry for what she did and that it was ok if Alex ended her But Alex just said no that he would not do such a thing to someone he cares for.

The Book Of Life

The Book Of Death


Xela seems dark but when Alex fights her alone she opens up to him commenting about how she is darkness and he is light. Overall she seems to not understand to much of the world so much so when Alex saves her she does not understand why he did that. She is calm at times but sometimes gets mad when she does not understand something.


Xela has Blue eyes and black hair she wears it down. She has a black cloak that she wears at all times.

Fighting style

Xela fights with a long sword and combo's a lot.


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