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Kana ザイリン (Zairin)
Type Nobody
Role Unknown
Home World Unknown
Weapon Great Sword
Attribute Fire
Status Alive

Xeiln (pronounced as "Zairin") is a character in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories. He is Number VI in Shadow VIII.


Xeiln appear to have brown hair and green eyes. He wear the Organization Black Coat with his own differences. His weapon appears to be red and yellow in color. The yellow blade are detachable and can be controlled by Xeiln for support. The weapon's main blade have a Nobody Sigil on the middle.

Battle Style

Xeiln specializes in heavy attacks. He can also cast fire-based spell on his enemies. When damaged enough, the yellow blades on Xeiln's weapon will detach and attack the enemy, supporting Xeiln.
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  • Xeiln's Nobody anagram is Niel, one of WingBlade's friends.
  • The detachable yellow blade on Xeiln's weapon is a reference to EmeperorGreymon's weapon.

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