Kana ゼアノート
Origin Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Type Human
Role Antagonist
First seen Chapter II
Home world Destiny Islands
Weapon(s) Keyblade
Inexistent Misadventure character

Xehanort is a character in Inexistent Misadventure. He originates from the Kingdom Hearts universe.

Born on Destiny Islands, he later leaves the world and becomes a Keyblade Master. He and Sorceror Nobody cross paths several times at various stages in Xehanort's life. After beginning simply as neutral acquaintances, they are allies for a short while. Eventually, however, Xehanort becomes a major antagonist.


When Sorceror Nobody arrives on Destiny Islands from the Dark Margin, Xehanort is the first person he meets. The youth is insatiably curious about the outside world, and the appearance of a supreme transcendental nonentity allows him to finally ask some of his questions.

During their meeting, Xehanort obtains his Keyblade. It is unclear to what extent Sorceror Nobody is involved in this, but it is more than likely a factor. However, on touching the weapon, Sorceror Nobody has an extreme adverse reaction to it, and is ejected from the world to destinations unknown.

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