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Kana ゼアノート (Zeanōto)
Type Somebody
Role Keyblade Warrior turned Master
Home World Land of Departure
Weapon Keyblade
Attribute Earth
Status Alive

Xehanort is a Keyblade Warrior in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening.


Xehanort has mildly tanned skin, golden eyes, and silver hair which both slightly spikes and falls past his shoulders in the back; it is styled similar to Xehanort's, albeit with four bangs framing his face - the back two thicker than the front two - and the two backwards spikes on the sides are absent, the topmost one slicked back. He wore the same style of white shirt, which only reaches to his thighs, a black vest with a high collar, long armbands which cover his forearms, and dark grey pants stuffed into his boots, similar to those worn by Organization XIII but absent of the silver lining on top, much like those worn by the guards of Radiant Garden.


Not much is known about Xehanort; he tends to keep to himself.



As a youth, Xehanort yearned to be free of his home world. One day, he found the means to do so (currently unknown) - and after taking this in stride, he found himself at the Land of Departure. After being acquanticed with the various Keyblade Warriors, he soon began training as a Keyblade warrior himself, along with another similarly-aged student named Eraqus.

Kingdom Hearts Awakening

Powers and Abilities


Xehanort is a very skilled Keyblade master, with a strong and swift fighting style.

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