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Name Xashowd
Kana ザシブド ("Zasuhaudo")
Role Mercenary/Dimensional Traveler
Weapon Darkscythe
False Oblivion
Dark Guillotine Blade
Kunai Knives
Element Darkness
Magic Minor Elemention
Drives Darkness Drive
Mirror Drive
Energy Drive
Ultima Drive
Remnant Drive
Status Alive

Xashowd is a Vampiric Nobody and a former member of Organization XIII. He travels to the Nightverse in a continued quest to search for the Remnants of his former colleagues.


Another Realm, Another Tale-Traversing the Nightverse

Xashowd travels to the Nightverse using some of Xigbar and Luxord's powers. When he gets there, he senses the energy signatures of Marluxia, Zexion, Saix, and Xemnas. Xashowd starts gathering some information on the four and learns that they have become part of a group known as the Midnight Syndicate, an allegiance of Nobodies from various worlds with one goal in mind - The destruction of Kingdom Hearts. Xashowd realizes that his quest to revive his comrades will mean taking on more foes than he had planned. He knows that if Kingdom Hearts is destroyed, in any universe, it would start a collapse of the fabric of existence. Such an act would release a dark entity older than existence itself...If it's physical manefestation wasn't already wreaking havoc. Remembering the creature that had invaded his mind during the Vampire's Sleep and had almost succeeded in killing him, Xashowd knew he would have to stop the Syndicate before they unleashed catastrophe upon the worlds.



Xashowd's Masamune

One of Xashowd's standard weapons. It has been his main weapon since he obtained it back in his village. It is an offensively based weapon with a long reach.


Xashowd's Darkscythe Main

One of Xashowd's standard weapons. Usually in a compact capsulated form, Xashowd can press the button on it to extend it into a rod or the full Scythe. It uses an advanced Biomechanical technology that works only with the owner's DNA. It also uses a precise Magitech that works with the user's will, keeping it from being set off accidentally. It has decent reach and is a well balanced weapon, working with both physical attacks and Magic.

False Oblivion

Xashowd's Keyblade. Unlike others, it cannot collect Hearts, but instead collects the fallen Remnants of Nobodies. Xashowd uses this unique power to collect the Remnants of Organization XIII, so that he may one day revive them.


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Not long after his arrival in the Nightverse, he encountered Damage, Inc. and shortly after a contest of strength between himself and Thor, Xashowd become an unofficial member of the group. In this way, he had a steady source of income and the means to (perhaps) take down the Syndicate.


"Well then, I guess I'll do what it takes to survive. I have a mission to accomplish, and nothing is going to stand in my way." Xashowd's response to Alex Mercer.


Xashowd is the only member of Damage, Inc. who's a Nobody, while Kazuki Muto is the only one who could be considered a "regular" human.

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