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Type Nobody
Role Shadow VIII Member
Home World Unknown
Weapon Duo Blades/Dual Blades
Attribute Water/Ice still can't decide
Status Alivet

Xari (pronounced as Zari) is one of few original characters in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories. She joined Shadow VIII because she knew that they were building something to become whole again. She is No. IV and is the nobody of Ira.


As all members of Shadow VIII, she wears the Black Coat with few differences from the original. And like Larxene and Xion, she wears high heel boots. She has blue eyes and short, blond hair.


  • Xail was supposed to be the official name but was changed to Xari for unknown reasons.
  • The anagram for the name Xail was Lia, Lea's misspelled name in the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep article in the Famitsu PS3+PSP Magazine.