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Organization XIII
Number VIII
Title Crescent Hurler
Weapon Boomerangs (Yue)
Attribute Crescent Moon
Limit Blue Moon Phase
First Appearance TBA
Original Name Netta

Xantet, the Crescent Hurler (三日月投手, Mikazuki tōshu, lit. the Lunar Pitcher), is the nobody of Netta, and is number VIII in the New Organization XIII in Organization XIII: The Successors. Since he is Saïx's apprentice, he is able to wield the power of the moon. He holds two crescent boomerangs, Yue.


Netta, Xantet's somebody, was the best friend and partner of Aru. One night, he took a walk in the woods to soak in the moon's ray. He was suddenly attacked by a group of Sorcerer Nobodies, that defeated him, releasing his heart. His Nobody was created hours later, and was discovered by Xigbar. He was brought to Xemnas, who ordered Saïx to watch him. He was very loyal to Saïx, causing them to have a close relationship. One week later, he was shocked to see Aru as her Nobody.


Even as a somebody, Xantet is usually shown quiet and calm. He enjoys taking in the moon light, which relieves his stress. As a somebody, the only person he would talk to was Aru, being his team-mate, but she was always nervous when she spoke with him. He almost never started a conversation with anyone.


Xantet holds similar traits with Saïx. He has short, blue, spiked hair. He also has gold eyes, but no X-shaped scar.

Fighting Style

Xantet is able to throw his two boomerangs, which will most likely return. He is also able to use them as knives. Xantet has high speed, quick recovery, but low defense.

His limit, Blue Moon Phase, causes his crescent boomerangs to transform into solid plates. His speed and attack is highly increased. He begins by spinning his weapons, causing damage to anyone around him. He then hurls the discs, rapidly at enemies. He ends the limit by summoning a ring of light that damages foes around him.

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