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Origin Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of The Past
Alias The Trickster, Rumpelstiltskin, The Spider
Type Kage-Shin
Role Acolyte
Weapon Dark Magic
Attribute Air
Status Alive

 Xanobass is a Kage-Shin Acolyte who helped Rohak to free their master, Valdrann. It was his task during the Shadow Emperor's imprisonment to search for incarnation of Karas and attempt to bring him under his influence once more until the child of the prophecy was dead.



Like any Kage-Shin, Xanobass shows no remorse for his actions and is very loyal to the Shadow Emperor but fearful at most times should he be angered. While feeling timid and cowardly at times, is merely an act to hide his true self among others, especially his true nature as a cunning, manipulative, intelligent and sadistic. He would not even hesitate to betray those he consider allies or use them to his own purposes. The only ones who know of his true is the Shadow Emperor and Darth Vader.


Keyblade War

During the Keyblade War, Xanobass was one of the Shadow Emperor's Acolytes, in secretly his master of spies to find secrets and report to his master. It was fact him who revealed both Maleficent's plot to take his throne and Karas' plot to betray the Dark Empire.

After the collapse of their empire, Xanobass went into hiding for centuries. Fled to far away worlds by using his dark magic and knowledge for his own proposes, following the Shadow Emperor's orders to find possible knowledge of the prophecy of the Nephilem, the one who is foretold to slay him. During his time, he met a few who became his allies, making deals and plotting his own agenda. Travelling to many worlds with knowledge he can use.

Xanobass had built a reputation as the trickster and dealer, wanting to avoid being found by his enemies. Taking on various names, including the infamous Rumpelstiltskin. He created a spirit with the ability to inhabit any mirror and gave him to a young dark influenced princess for her help of becoming queen, only in truth remained loyal to it's true master for a while to seek out information he desires (such as the spirit's encounter with the Keyblade wielders).

Shadows of The Past

Powers and Abilities



  • Xanobass's character is mostly based on the OUAT Rumpelstiltskin of making deals and outwitting his opponents.
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