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Original Name Adam Hillman
Type Nobody
Role Party Member
Home World The World that Never Was
Weapon Betwix Keyblade
Attribute Twilight
Status Unknown (at the end of Twilit Dreams)

Xamad is Adam's Nobody, and ULaD's number II.


Birth by XIII

Xamad was born, in the World that Never Was, Organisation XIII's home base, sometime after Adam was ambushed in Hollow Bastion. However, for some reason or another, he didn't want to work for them, much to Xemnas's annoyance. So, they sent some Nobodies to fight him - yet Xamad gave them a surprise when he defeated them all by himself. Eventually, Xamad left the World that Never Was to find out why they were after him. Eventually, he bumped into Adam, his Other.

The Twilit Dream

Xamad... is once... again... Nothing...
This article/section has Major End-Game spoilers about Twilit Dreams. Read at your own peril.

The Truth

When Adam finally sets foot on Destiny Islands, Xamad reveals himself to be not the real Xamad, but Xehanort's Unversed, formed from what was left of his Heartless and Nobody after Sora had defeated both of them. He planned to use Adam's new-found Old Light powers to destroy Light itself. However, both Sora and Riku, now older Keyblade Masters, realised the threat that he posed, and assisted Adam when fighting him. Eventually, Adam used his Old Light powers to stop Xehanort's Unversed, and with a combined attack the trio destroyed him. However, with his last breath, he told Adam that Xamad was once again Nothing.


  • "I may not have a heart, but insted I have the Twilight to take its place."
  • "You know nothing about Nothingness, because there is Nothing to know about Nothingness!"
  • (To Adam) "If Darkness and Light are one, then surely, Nothingness and Twilight must be one as well?"
  • (When using Heart of the Nobody)*Laughs* "I DO have a heart... I have the Heart of the Nobody!"
  • (When defeated)"You must have got a lucky shot in. But this isn't the end!"
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