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Xalderin (Zal-der-in) Is the nobody of Keyblade master Kazuya Ri, who fought in the keyblade war as commanding officer. During the last years of the war. Kazuya was struck down by his former friend, Marluce who was consumed by darkness. His heart was turned into a heartless but his body stayed behind as an empty husk, as all nobodies are created. Xalderin,being Kazuya's nobody can also wield the keyblade, He re-dubbed his original keyblade as Fallen Grace. His primary style is dual weilding his keyblades, mostly summoning two Fallen Graces.

Xalderin traveled from world to worked in a black hoodie in the appearance of an organization 13 member but had a symbol of his design. He recruited other nobodies giving them new names and for which they longed for, a purpose. Xalverin named this group of his, Clan of the Fallen. Their ultimate goal is to regain the hearts so that they can become who they once were again. To some he could be called a villain but in his mind he is only nuetral. He cares not for what happens to the worlds the nobodies invade, it is a necessary evil if it means he will be one step closer to getting his heart back.


Name: Xalderin

Hair: A combination of Xemnas' and Axel's

Hair color: White

Height: 6'4

Weight: 145 lbs

eye color: red

Battle style: Dual wielder

Personality: Xalverin mostly has a calm and collective nature. He stays focused on his goal, nothing else.

alignment: Chaotic nuetral (in his eyes and his clan's) Nuetral Evil (to others)

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