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Xaktie is a nobody how wanders the Desert of Oblivion. She is a nobody of few words but when she speaks everyone listens. She was found in the desert be Rexkei while she was tracking down Rose and Lilly. Xaktie also watchs Kingdom Come but never involes with them. She is also a pacifist never fighting or hurting anyone a trait Rexkei found very unusual. She also loves to read and unlike most nobodies cares about those around her. She also asks a lot of questions about nobodies and Kingdom Come much to Rexkei's annoyance. She also thinks that resolves are one of the things that people strong.


Xaktie is a quiet nobody. She hardly ever talks and if she does something is troubling her or she has a question. She is also a pacifist,becoming the voice of reason when Rexkei and Shadow have one of their usually arguements,Xaktie would be the one to break up the arguements. She also always sees the good in a person even in the most sadistic or cruel of people.


"Kingdom Come?Who are they?"

""My resolve is strong so..i'll keep my promise to my friends."

"There's a difference between living to the fullest and just living Shadow. You've taught me that."

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