Original Name Cai-Shi
Alias Xac-Shii
Type Nobody
Role Protagonist
Age 16
Home World The World That Never Was
Weapon Crystal Needles
Attribute Minerals
Status Alive

Xac-Shii is a protagonist in Kingdom Hearts: Child of the Sun. Xac-Shii is from Athens in the world of Olympus Coliseum and joined Galexgan and friends when they joined the Coliseum tournaments. She met her ventual defeat in one of those tournaments. She was later found by Sulcax and inducted into the New Organization. She uses a pair of Crystal Needles as her weapon, controlling Minerals she can change the size and shape of her weapons at will and cause massive mineral stalagmites to rise from the ground. Xac-Shii is both intelligent and very skilled at controlling her powers, she is however weak physically and has an average speed.


Past life

Xac-Shii was born in Athens of Olympus Coliseum. Being good friends with Sulcax at this time the two of them began training for a tournament in the coliseum. When Galexgan and friends arrived she joined their team while Sulcax refused. However this soon led to her eventual downfall in a Coliseum Tournament.

After Becoming a Nobody

Though Xac-Shii became a Nobody before even Galexgan she wandered several worlds, alone and confused, before Sulcax finally found her and brought him to the New Organization's head quarters. There Xac-Shii was convinced into joining the Organization. Xac-Shii was hard at work as a Scientist of Memory when she was conviced by Kyxiel to join Galexgan's new quest in following a heart, sharing her intelligence with the group when it was needed.


Xac-Shii has long black hair, brown eyes, and as usual she dons the coat and uniform of the Organization. She weilds her Crystal Needles with skill and can turn them into any form of weapon she needs.


Xac-Shii has no emotions as she is a Nobody but using her memories of when she had a heart she can remember the emotions. Xac-Shii is a strong-willed character, she is very serious and makes sure that she is always punctual. Xac-Shii being skilled at many things, math especialy, lives her life through equations, making sure everything is perfect before moving on to her next step.


"Kingdom Hearts. It is the vast network that binds every one of us together eventually. And yet we defy it with our very prescense."

"Sulcax my friend... Why do you hate so much?"

Battle quotes

"When you lose don't complain." (at the start of a battle)

"Earth!" (Using his limit break)

"Exactly as planned." (when winning)

"This wasn't part of the equation!" (when losing)

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