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Wit Gang
Name Wit Gang
Members Earos


Role Protagonists
Story The League of Abstraction

The Wit Gang is a rag-tag team of misfits and adventurers dedicated to fighting the heartless and getting their friends' hearts back.


When you lose your world and survive you wake up in Traverse Town. But ever since Hollow Bastion was restored it had become a very dangerous place, and without powerful warriors to defend it, the heartless have thrived. Eventually a group of orphans banded together and started fighting against the heartless; however, it was an uphill struggle. Then one day a boy with a Keyblade appeared, and decided to join them. In an epic battle, the team fought their way through the town and into the Third District where they found the world gate being guarded by a monstrous heartless. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to defeat it and had to retreat. When they returned to town, they found a new refugee named Nathan. He was very knowledgeable and knew the secret to defeating that heartless, with Nathan by their side they were able to defeat the Heartless and seal the gate. However in the joy of victory one last heartless, an orcus, appeared out of nowhere at the last second and struck down the keyblader who was turned into a heartless by the attack.

Breaking into Twilight Town

Nathan informed the group that all was not lost: the Keybearer had had a strong heart and that meant that he might have created a Nobody! Using all of the munny they collected from the battles, they managed to buy a gummi ship. For some unfathomable reason there was a barrier around Twilight Town, but Nathan was able to hack the network and disable the barrier. Twilight Town was no longer a sleepy village, it had been industrialized and filled with factories and a gigantic construction project dominated the landscape. They discovered that Twilight Town was now under the control of The League of Abstraction and that it was holding their Keybearer friend captive. The team split up, one group created a diversion by damaging the device, while the other broke out the Keybearer. Several lesser Nobodies tried to stop them but to no avail. The team made it out of Twilight Town alive. Now they needed to find a way to bring him back to normal. At Nathan's suggestion, they decided to head to Castle Oblivion, which may contain some of the old research done by Organization XIII.

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