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Will Teasle
Origin First Blood (1982)
Alias Deputy Teasle
Type Somebody
Role Villain
Home World Rambo Universe
Weapon Assault Rifle
Status Alive
Will Teasle was the main villain of First Blood, the first Rambo movie and a Hope, Washington deputy.


Will Teasle is the deputy whom Sora and his group, even Rambo first meet in Hope. As Teasle gives them a ride out of town, Teasle gives laws about his town to Rambo. As Rambo and his friends try to re-enter, Teasle arrests him, Sora, Kairi and Riku, while Goofy and Donald escape. Moments after Teasle had brought the team in, Donald and Goffy rescue their friends. When Galt was killed, Teasle felt frustrated that Rambo got his friend. Then Maleficent contacts the deputy through telepathy, suggesting that if Teasle could put Sora and company behind bars, he would be given a full squad to keep drifters out of town. As Teasle's team is wounded, Rambo gives his famous "give you a war" warning. Trautman tries to stop Teasle by suggesting he let Rambo go, but Teasle refuses. As the National guards blow up the cave entrance, which Sora and his allies escapes through, Teasle believed he had won. Teasle then returned to his office and his congratulated for "killing" Rambo. That night, Teasle finds out from a radioing National guardsman that Sora and his group survived. Teasle then fights his battle with Sora's group in the station. While wounded, Teasle dares Rambo to kill him but Trautman stops him. After calming down, Rambo insists his war was his idea so that Sora can go free. While Sora's group is free, Rambo is taken to jail while Teasle is taken to the hospital. Sora then promised to meet Rambo again in the future.


When you fight with Teasle, he will be using his assault rifle to mainly attack you. If you get too close, he will rifle butt you. He can also use grenades to bombard you. In desperation, he can call in other police officers to help him.


  • (to Galt after arresting Sora, Riku, Kairi and Rambo)I want them booked for vagrancy, resisting arrest, and carrying weapons.
  • This is a police emergency! Evacuate the streets to the inside immediately!
  • Everyone dies in battle Trautman.

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