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The following is a list of characters and their weapons in Avastar: Kingdom Hearts.

Weapon Wielders

Owen Stevens


Owen Stevens

Owen Stevens is a wielder of the Keyblade. He is the Keyblader of the In-Between. His original Keyblade is the World Inversed.

Eventually, Owen connects his heart with Stella, and when she loses her heart to Bradley, Stella's Neo Kingdom Key becomes available to Owen, allowing him to Dual-Wield.

Stella Miller


Stella Miller

Stella Miller is a wielder of the Keyblade. She is the Keyblader of Light. Her original Keyblade is the Neo Kingdom Key.

Eventually, Stella connects her heart to Owen, and, when she loses her heart, her Keyblade is passed to Owen, allowing him to Dual-Wield.

Harold Payne


Harold Payne

Harold Payne is not a Keyblader, but he does wield a weapon similar to one. This weapon is called Truth Seeker, and it functions very similarly to Riku's Soul Eater. It does have properties similar to that of a Keyblade, but it is closer to a Zanpakutō property-wise.

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