Wayland Military Base

The Wayland Military Base is a Location in

The Zion Valley , United States of Auradon

In the Fan Fiction

Yahweh is the only God !

Background :

The Americano -

Facist Way Land Yutani Company

Research makes many Uhnethical Experiments here before the Keybladr War.

They produced the Foxy Transformer

( A Device who can Transform Man

And Woman into Foxes and Foxys

To make them Weaker ) ,

The Super Nova Canon

( A Overweapon who effects like the

Megaflare Spell ) and the Screen Nuke

Rifle ( A Rifle that Fires up one Shot

Nuclear Explosions ).

As the Keyblade War Brokes out , the Pagans abandoned

The Bunker - like Facility. The British Enclave used it

For Uhnethical Experiments too !!! But they must abandon

It after they get defeated by the Republic of Light Fighters.

5 Years after the Destruction of the XIII Darknesses Sect ,

Bloody finds the Bunker and obtain the Foxy Transformer

Which she used to transform Go Go into a Foxy in

San Franzokyo.

Layout :

The Bunker is only Mentioned but it

Is clear that it was under much Sand until the

British Enclave dig it out.

Appearance :

The Wayland Military Base is only

Mentioned in Yahweh is the Only God !

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