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Way To The Dawn
Way To The Dawn (KH:FTS)
"Deals various attacks, all of them drenched in darkness."
Strength Magic
+3 +0
Darkness Boost: Dark-based magic and abilities are increased in potency.
Riku's basic (and only) weapon

The Way To The Dawn is Riku's Keyblade and main (and only) weapon in Kingdom Hearts: For True Story.


The main blade of the Way To The Dawn is a bat-like wing with a black skeletal edge and a dark red bat-like flaps in-between the black appendages.

The teeth of the Way To The Dawn is a sole white wing sticking out of the third (from the handle) appendage on the main blade.

The handle of the Way To The Dawn has a red-and-black handle with a white angel's wing on the left side and a dark blue demon's wing on the right side. A small, dark blue, and almost cat-like eyeball is centered on the connecting piece of the blade and handle, and the keychain is connected to the handle via a plus-shaped material that is very close to the Nobody's symbol, except without the lower curved portions of said symbol.

The keychain of the Way To The Dawn is a Heartless emblem without the inner markings of the Heartless's symbol inside it.

Soul Eater Debate?

Due to the confusion over Riku's Ansem transformation, the Riku Replica, and the constant threat of Xehanort's Heartless's remains still inside Riku, it is possible for Riku to have wielded the Soul Eater Keyblade throughout KH:FTS. This was unintentional, and the story flow--although it may mention the Soul Eater at times--leans towards the Way To The Dawn being the Keyblade Riku uses indefinitely.


The Way To The Dawn has had no significant story impact in KH:FTS, although after Riku's darkness dissipated from his body, it was unknown what truly happened to the Keyblade as it disappeared along with Riku's Ansem transformation in the end (although he did use it to fight Dark Namine during the Fight For Destiny Islands). This leaves the Way To The Dawn's final presence (assuming the retcon is ignored) ultimately ambigious.