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The type A and type B Warp Zones. They are identical to KHII's Save Points.

A Warp Zone (also called a Save Point) is a place where the playable characters in Avastar: Kingdom Hearts can save their progress, or, as the name implies, warp to a different area. With Warp Zones, you can immediately travel to any other Warp Zone in that Area. Only Type A Warp Zones are inter-Area, and can travel to other Areas as well as the Area's Warp Zones. There are two types of Warp Zones: Type A and Type B. Each type differs slightly in use.

The Inter-Area Warping function is only available after every Area has been cleared, similar to Airships in certain Final Fantasy games (notably FFX).

Type A

Type A Warp Zones are used for saving the game and traversing between areas. With this Warp zone, you can pass between the Avastar Areas, for example, you can teleport from Village Hidden in Illusion to Morcia City. There are usually only two Warp Zones of this nature in an Area, and there will always be one in the very first area of the Area, which is quite often a Train Station.

Think of it this way. Type A Warp Zones can access the "Gummi Ship" of A:KH, and can access other Warp Zones in the Area you're visiting.

Type B

Type B Warp Zones can only travel to Warp Zones in-Area, and cannot travel out of Area. For example, you can warp from the first stop in Alasian Dunes all the way to it's Ruined Skyscraper, but cannot travel from Alasian Dunes to, say, Central City.

Think of it this way. Type B cannot access the "Gummi Ship" of A:KH, but it can access other Warp Zones in the Area you're visiting.

Saving Faces

On the Save Menu (when accessing Warp Zone's saving function), a character's face may appear on the Save File, depending on the progress in the game.The faces in certain character modes seem to reflect who they've either made good friends with, or connected their hearts with.

Tutorial Mode

During the tutorial mode, also called the First Day, Owen Stevens, Harold Payne, and Stella Miller's face may appear, in random order.

Post-Tutorial Mode

Owen's Story

Owen's save files are always colored a blue-green color.

  • Owen Stevens (Default)
  • Lexom (After meeting Lexom for the first time)
  • Venalita (After beating him for the last time)
  • Cloaked Owen (Upon entering the Final Day)
  • Stella Millar closed eyes (Upon entering the Final Day)
  • Harold Payne closed eyes (Upon entering the Final Day)
  • Bradley Millar's "Hadley" Face (After beating the Final Day)

Harold's Story

Harold's Save Files are always colored an orange color.

  • Harold Payne (default)
  • Jennifer (After clearing Seafoam Town)
  • Bradley Millar (Before the final battle)

Stella's Story

Stella's Save Files are always colored Blue.

  • Stella Millar (Default)
  • Athina (After meeting her for the first time)
  • Owen Stevens (After defeating Venalita for the last time)

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