Wang Yuanji
Kana 王元姫 おう げんき
Origin Dynasty Warriors
Alias Ninja Maiden
Type Somebody
Role Protagonist
Home World China (home country)
Disney Castle (homebase)
Family Sima Zhao (husband)
Wang Su (father)
Wang Lang (Grandfather)
Weapon Throwing knives
Status Alive
Wang Yuanji is the wife of Sima Zhao and a deadly yet beautiful fighter in Wei (which in history was later called Jin). She mainly prefers fighting alongside Sima Zhao and her other colleagues in Wei.


Wang Yuanji is woken from her sleep by Dian Wei and is told to get dressed for an expedition with Cao Cao. In her bed, she wakes her husband Sima Zhao and they head with Cao Cao to find the source of the nightmare the Wei Emperor had. During the battle with Shao Kahn's army, Wang Yuanji begins to feel romance in not just Sima zhao, but also the women in the story. Her desire to protect the innocent was shown by blocking the path of Soviet Russians about to kill Afghan children.

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