The Princely City of Walküre (The Imperial Capital of Walküre)
Head of State Klaus Diepgen (Mayor)
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Government Royal Province
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Formation N/A
Dissolution N/A
Independence Date N/A
Annexation Date N/A
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Confessions of a Knight
Theme Music Deutschlandlied
"Pale Death beats equally at the poor man's gate and at the palaces of kings."
—Quintus Horace Flintus, Rhomanian Ambassador to Haos upon visiting old Walküre

The Princely City of Walküre (formerly known as The Imperial Capital of Walküre) is a world in the story Kingdom Hearts: Confessions of a Knight. Walküre is the capital city of the Lucid Empire, its successor, the Principality of Lucidia and it's immediate predecessors, the Kingdom of Walküre and the Electorate of Brannenborg. It is the hometown of Keyblade Master Cecilie Losvaize.


Walküre is separated into 5 Districts, all of which are connected by tram:

-Mitte District: The Historical and Cultural Center of Walküre. The Royal Palace is located here. Cafes, restaurants, museums, galleries and clubs are abundant throughout the district, along with many sites of historic interest

'-'Weststadt District: The site of Grunewaldturm Palace, Weststadt is the Business District of the city.

'-'Ostmittel District: The Industrial District, this district represents the left-wing youth culture, artists and immigrants from far away worlds. As such, it has a lot of art museums, cafes and trendy shops. It is also home to the Walkürean Gate.

-Nordwalküre District: Walküre's Suburban District. In 89 DC, there was an incident known as the Great Walküre Fire that damaged much of this district.

-Sud District: The Nature Preserve District, lined with expensive houses and expansive forests and rivers. Their is a small town on the outskirts of the world, Treptow, that has a lot of seniors and few middle aged men and women.


  • Walküre is based heavily on the German Capital city of Berlin.



Germany Alemania Deutschland (*1997 arrangement arreglos 1997)

Lucidian National Anthem

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