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Kana 中ボス/ビューティー男爵バイアス
Origin Disgaea
Alias Mid-Boss, The Dark Adonis
Type Demon
Role Antagonist
Age Unknown
Home World Netherworld
Weapon Demon Blades
Status Dead

Vyers, also known as Mid-Boss, is an antagonist of the Disgaea series and an antagonist in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening, and comes along to try to defeat Overlord Laharl and take the throne, once again.



Vyers was originally a demonic aristocrat. When King Krichievskoy died, he began to campaign for Overlord, only to be foiled by Laharl.

The Start of The New Life

Vyers is fought when Laharl and Allen fight him, and is slain.


Vyers wears a very open outfit, with an open jacket and tight jeans.


Mid-Boss is an aristocratic, self-confident, narcissistic and confident demon. He is very strong, and is the reincarnation of Laharl's father.

Powers and Abilities


Vyers is very powerful with a sword. He can also glide with his wings.


For more information, see Vyers (Boss).

Vyers is fought in the first visit to the Netherworld.


  • You cannot hope to defeat me.
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